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There have been seasons that have been very difficult for me, since I feel very alone, I miss a group of friends / acquaintances with whom I can spend an afternoon and with whom I can talk about certain topics that I do not know with a mother. They talk … Unburden myself because my husband is a disaster and is unable to calm a tantrum or how much I miss having 5 minutes to myself, because I live running: I get up and run to work, from work running home, everything because my mother is exhausted because my daughter is sooo intense, what am I going to tell you about AD?

Thanks to the 2.0 world I have met several mothers who understand me, who can put themselves in my place and help me through those especially difficult times.

Oh what ugly comments they say … The issue of nursery is beyond me, really. As if the nursery were the philosopher’s stone, something vital for the development of the human being. Not to mention the effort with which children “wake up.” Terrible! It is a shame the little respect and lack of empathy we have towards others (especially towards children). I send you a lot of encouragement, I understand perfectly what you say But hey, “this too will pass.” Thanks for commenting, Monica. Smacker!

I’m very sorry to read about that disconnection with your family … I think it is a fundamental piece of the social gear, essential (well, it has been shown that there is nothing essential in this world, or almost …) to provide security, affection, relief, and a million other things. It’s a shame that you lack that contribution. But as they say, “… those who are really worthwhile are those who really are …” It is true that they do not help physically when things look rough at home, but of course, support and “virtual” hugs from the other side of the screen, you will not miss it, you are earning it by hand, beautiful! And maybe hopefully something from that virtual world might make the leap to the physical one, and those hugs and that help will come for real.

Regarding the article, I fully agree with you. I finished reading the magazine last week, and that of “Liquid Maternity” has been by far the article that I liked the most (and it has made me reflect, do not think … It has its “that one”, and it leaves you a certain uneasiness in the body … I do not know if I like the future that society follows in this way poses, and I do not know if there is a way to change that tendency to selfish and lonely individualism) I did not know the concept …

I have to add that I was surprised by the quality of the issue.

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