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why is online dating so hard for guys: 10 Forms of Males People Find While On line Internet dating

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The super-technological future is already reflected in the glass screens of our smartphones, and it silently leads us towards the reality of the Black Mirror series, where people met through an Internet application, which determined their compatibility by 99 , 9%. Is it possible to find your soulmate today just by downloading a dating app on your phone?

Bright Side will tell you the story of a guest from our editorial office who for a whole year actively tried to find the answer to this question on the most popular online dating app – Tinder.

Hello everyone! My name is Julia and I use Tinder. It sounds like the beginning of a member’s speech at an addicts gathering, and to some extent it really is.

Anyway, my Tinder-epic started a couple of years ago. Two of my friends had already used the app and after listening to all kinds of funny stories from them, I wanted to give it a try too. And yes, I wanted to meet someone for a serious relationship, and not just for a couple of walks.

I’ll start with the fact that a person’s intentions can already be guessed from the place they choose for the first date.

Most of the time they invite you for coffee or just a walk. The cinema is part of the program for a second date, because you can’t talk too much there. If they invite you to a club or a party, it means that they are not looking for anything serious. Rather, it means that the person is simply looking for a partner for an event. Once I myself invited a boy to a music festival so as not to be alone with him, and to be able to observe him from the outside, so if you were invited to an outing among many people, draw your own conclusions.

Although, once an original case happened to me: we agreed to meet a boy in the center. It made a good impression on me right away. But we had barely finished greeting each other, and he was already leading me somewhere. I asked him: “Where are we going?”, “What do you mean, where? Let’s watch football ”. And we actually went to watch football with his friends, but we didn’t see each other again after that.

I once had a strong story in reference to this topic. I met a boy who was on vacation in Spain at the time. He had several photos on his profile: in two of them you couldn’t see his face, and in one he was sitting in a chair, cross-legged, and he was in profile. I didn’t feel it was a weird thing because, judging from the messages, he was quite an interesting young man. Also, he didn’t just send me messages, he even sent me a bouquet of flowers and got two tickets (for me and a friend) to an incredible festival, where I had never dreamed of going.

When he came back, we obviously made an appointment. He had the consideration of picking me up, even though I lived on the other side of town. I went out, but couldn’t find it. He told me on the phone: “But here I am! Next to the red car! “

Then I see a boy who barely reaches my shoulder … And that’s when that feeling is born (it happens many times when you meet Tinder users) of wanting to go back, but having to keep walking, because he already he saw and saw that you saw him.

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