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Furthermore, 12 of the new 15 deaths are related to retirement homes. One of the new victims, the premier stressed, was a man in his thirties.

– Japan has recorded 1,240 new coronavirus cases and six more deaths in the past 24 hours according to CNN. The new data bring the total toll of infections to 41,841 and that of deaths to 1,035. About a quarter of the new cases were detected in Tokyo, which thus records over 200 infections per day for the eighth consecutive day.

– There are now over 700,000 deaths from coronavirus and more than 18.5 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 worldwide, according to the latest Johns Hopkins University data update. In detail, the deaths are 700,683, with the United States having 156,806, followed by Brazil with 95,819 and Mexico with 48,869.

– The United States has recorded 1,302 new coronavirus-related deaths in the past 24 hours, according to the Johns Hopkins University tally. The total number of victims in the country most affected by the pandemic thus rises to almost 157 thousand. Yesterday the US also registered 53,847 new cases of contagion in one day, for a total official toll of almost 4.77 million cases.

– The death toll from coronavirus in Brazil is still growing. In the latest survey by the Ministry of Health, 1,154 new deaths are reported. The total thus rises to 95,819 victims. Hundreds of new cases of contagion. The State of São Paulo remains the most affected by the pandemic with 23,702 deaths.

– Novavax, a Maryland company that signed a $ 1.6 billion deal with the US government for its coronavirus vaccine, has announced encouraging results in two preliminary studies. The New York Times reports it. In one of the two studies, 56 volunteers produced a high level of antibodies against Covid-19, without suffering dangerous side effects. The other study was in monkeys, which were effectively protected by the vaccine.

– France has recorded 1,039 new cases of coronavirus positivity in the last 24 hours, with two deaths; 5,162 hospitalized patients are hospitalized, 388 of whom are in intensive care. There are 292 active outbreaks, of which 13 detected in the last 24 hours; the total number of infected people reached 190,914.

– “An accurate and timely tracking and investigation work ordered by the Ats della Valpadana in implementation of the guidelines issued by the Lombardy Region made it possible to identify and circumscribe a Covid outbreak with 97 positive cases in a farm in the Mantua area. Three of these they showed mild symptoms, the others are asymptomatic “. This was communicated with a note by the councilor for welfare of the Lombardy Region, Giulio Gallera.

– There are 190 new cases of coronavirus in Italy, an increase compared to yesterday when 159 new positivity were recorded. In the last 24 hours, resignations have also increased (+177), 5 deaths. Three regions with zero infections: Valle d’Aosta, Molise and Basilicata.

– There are 44 new cases of coronavirus in the Lombardy Region. According to what was communicated, 14 of these are “weakly positive” and 4 were detected after serological tests. The most affected province today is that of Milan with 19 cases, followed by Mantua (7) and Bergamo (5). In the last 24 hours, only one death has been recorded, while 86 patients have recovered from the virus.

– An online campaign to raise awareness of the use of masks, aimed above all at the very young: this is the initiative of the Lazio Region, which will involve emerging Italian actors. This is the slogan: “Up the mask, down the infections”. The communication campaign is called “#masklazio”.

– WHO director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, reiterated that the Covid-19 pandemic is “an epochal health crisis”, but that its progress is still “in our hands”.

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