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The intervention of the police was requested several times and they did not show up on time. The managers of the facility have been asked several times to turn off the music, but despite the reassurances from them, nothing has ever changed.

It has become a real nightmare having to suffer and be forced to live, work, rest with the shutters closed to alleviate (slightly) the inconvenience caused.

I would like to know what we can do to be able to assert our right to live peacefully at home. Thank you.

For ten days, starting at 9 pm, every 4 seconds I hear a whistle, it seems that of a bird, but it is impossible that it happens regularly every 4, I say 4, seconds, without ever making mistakes. It is logical that this is a faulty alarm. It is noise pollution and disturbance to public peace also because if the heat comes I don’t know how we will sleep with the windows open. Is it possible that all this happens?

In my town (Segrate) they have replaced the glass bells with bins for each condominium / villa placed under the street side windows.

The collection is carried out on Tuesday morning starting at 6 (in my street they arrive around 6.15-6.30). Being glass, the emptying of the bin causes an incredible din of broken glass that wakes everyone up.

I sent a protest e-mail to the municipality but I was told that by contract with AMSA (which takes care of collection) the time is from 6 am for all types of separate collection.

Glass is not a perishable genre and its collection is also very noisy, so why not at other times? I think it’s all about willpower.

I live in Milan in a condominium that has the misfortune of having a garden that borders the walls of a Brazilian restaurant that every evening has a musical program with live music.

From 21.30 to 00.00 (when it’s okay because on weekends they go on even further) you can’t sleep or even watch television because the music is very loud and the bass makes the windows vibrate.

The manager of the club has been promising for some time to soundproof the place (which is set up for light background music, not for a disco) but there are no developments.

As a condominium we have already made a complaint to the ASL and the Municipality as well as having repeatedly called the brigade but never go out.

I am tired of not being able to sleep in my house when I want, I have made many sacrifices to buy this house and now …

Dear Sirs, my name is Maria Binetti and I live in Barletta. I would like to tell you about the strong inconveniences we have been having for about 5 years with a dance and fitness school that was established in 2001 next to our building. Since the first day she took office she has been bothered by noise and noise pollution. In the beginning we sent a letter of complaint for the noise, then since we continued with the noise pollution, in 2002 we forwarded a complaint to the P.S. Through the Police Command we were told that they would have carried out work but a year and a half passed in which we continued to suffer from disturbing noises, even on Sundays, for which we have made several calls to the police. On the other hand, the only works carried out were to paint the shutters and add another room for another use, remaining the usual problem of pollution.

In 2005 we sent several e-mails and letters to the Mayor of Barletta who reassured us that they would investigate, even if this never happened, indeed the dance and fitness school carried out its activity even on Sunday as if nothing had happened. .

In August 2005 we filed a report with expertise, but after another year of hell in which e-mails were sent to the Municipality of protest, for not having activated an adequate control, we were answered once again by an executive that they would investigate, another joke against us.

Also, a 100% disabled Alzheimer’s patient lives in the house with us. In all these years we have been deprived of the possibility of living with serenity in our home. We made several complaints, none of them being taken into consideration, while the dance and fitness school made us live in hell.

Sorry for the outburst, but in 2006-’07 we sent a complaint to the Public Prosecutor of Trani, after an interview with the Mayor during which he promised us that he would solve the problem and after an intervention by a traffic policeman who asked for the intervention of the ARPA 4 months have passed, including three in silence, now we start again to open again on Sunday, with the excuse of cleaning the school or taking pictures of the club until late at night.

Who should we turn to? We are tired and we are afraid of these people who in 5 years have made us go through hell. Shouldn’t the law help the weak and the sick? Unfortunately, nothing happens here, despite a complaint with technical expertise, we continue to damage our lives and the protection of a terminally ill, it is a shame! We want the dance and fitness school to be located in a suitable location. I wonder how it is possible to question everything after three warnings and one to the Public Prosecutor’s Office after 7 months? What else can I do? I ask for your help so that the Municipality is responsible for the inconveniences we have accused in over 6 years, especially with regard to the terminally ill. Please, we’re tired. Give me suggestions on how to react to this hell. Thank you.

I live in Pineto (Teramo) in front of the Hotel Felicioni that every evening organizes musical evenings exceeding the decibels allowed by law in a conspicuous way. We have been in litigation for about ten years and we have even won in cassation, but no body oversees the provisions of the judge and what the regulations on the matter establish. Last night was a terrifying evening! What can we do ? Give us some advice!

Those who, like me, want to sleep, read, chat with friends, are “raped” by the disinterest of those who should be vigilant

We are a family of 5 people. For us, when the summer period arrives it becomes a nightmare, every year the same problem arises again, the cause is a car wash in front of our house (about 10 meters), the noise it emits is deafening in the house we are forced to talk a lot loud, we should muffle the noise by keeping everything closed, but is it possible in the state? We do not know who to turn to, if someone is able to help us do it.

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