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358 people who have contracted the virus since the beginning of the health emergency. Compared to yesterday, there are another 27 deaths, for a total of 41,759 deaths.

– Tensions and clashes between demonstrators and police in London during a march against the lockdown measures and, in general, the restrictions for the Coronavirus. Scuffles occurred next to the National Gallery, before officers were pushed back by the crowd chanting slogans and chants.

– Lombardy also reopens the stadiums up to a maximum capacity of 1,000 spectators; while for indoor plants the maximum number of public admitted is equal to 700. This is foreseen by an ordinance of the Region signed by the President Attilio Fontana.

– There are two regions without cases: Valle dʼAosta and Abruzzo. Among the Regions with the worst data, there are Lombardy (243), Lazio (197) and Veneto (186).

– After yesterday’s surge, with 1,907 infections, the new cases of Covid-19 in Italy are falling again: today they are 1,638, with 103,223 swabs (yesterday they were just under 100 thousand). On the other hand, after days of stability at the turn of the ten, deaths increased, to 24 (yesterday 10). Such a high figure had not been recorded since July 7, when the victims were 30. 909 new healed patients, for a total of 217,716, and 7 new patients in intensive care, for a total of 215.

– Silvio Berlusconi has applied to vote from home according to the procedure for Covid patients. The request was accepted and tomorrow the operators will collect the vote at home. This was announced by sources of Forza Italia.

– From the surprising -22.2% in Venice to -7.5% in Florence, from the robust -7.3% in Bologna to -4.5% in Rome. The main tourist resorts, crushed by the Covid-19 crisis, are in deflation with regard to hotel prices and record sustained drops in housing prices. The National Consumers Union has processed Istat inflation data for August.

– “The request to reintroduce the compulsory medical certificate for the return to school is without scientific basis and contradicts the recommendations promoted up to now to contain the epidemic. The school world should want with us the measures that allow children and kids to attend classes safely “. This was stated by Paolo Biasci, president of the Italian Federation of pediatricians (Fimp).

– A persistent fatigue even long after healing from Covid-19: this is the symptom that many patients experience. To shed light on the issue, is an Irish research destined to change the assessment of the consequences of the virus.

– Starting Monday, some areas of Madrid will be subject to lockdown to curb the rise of Covid-19 as cases across Europe continue to rise. The BBC reports online. The measure affects over 850,000 people in the Madrid region who will be subject to travel restrictions and gatherings. Spain has the largest number of coronavirus cases in Europe and Madrid is again the worst affected region.

– The new positives recorded in the last 24 hours in Italy are 1,907, compared to 99,839 swabs (yesterday they were 1,585 with 101,773 swabs). 10 deaths instead (yesterday there were 13). With 853 healed more, the currently positives still rise to 42,457. 208 admissions to intensive care (4 less than yesterday).

– With the Coronavirus emergency, “airport traffic has objectively dropped and we have a prospect of reaching the same levels as in 2019, which was 191 million passengers throughout Italy, probably at the end of 2023. The time to plan the airports at this stage we have it “. Transport Minister Paola De Micheli said so.

– Due to the coronavirus, approximately one million and 400 thousand fewer screening tests for cancer were performed in Italy in the first 5 months of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

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