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Hi doctor, I’m with a girl who moved in my house for three months .. At first she was all sweet taken by me .. As soon as I saw her behaving differently I started to be possessive jealous even the cell phone I checked. . Now she has moved to her new home .. She says that Nn loves me and that she was sincere .. But she wants to remain friends and tells me that she needs me … But no kisses always coldness .. Sometimes when she comes back in herself opens up a little … But I think sometimes that I have felt exploited is used .. Or maybe I can’t accept this decision of hers because my feeling is stronger than hers

I think a mixture of both things, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to me that there are prerequisites for a happy future together, especially since she says she doesn’t love you (why go to live together then? Well?). This girl seems to me that her ideas are a bit confused and can only make you suffer further

Dear Dr. I read your article with great interest, and unfortunately with great bitterness I must say that it reflects exactly the relationship I am living. I would like to ask you for your opinion, what can lead a man (he is 43, I am 28) to escape? I mean physically right from the house. Sometimes even for “trivial” discussions but during which maybe I say things about him that hurt him (because he knows they are true aspects of him that he does not accept) he literally runs away from home instead of clarifying himself. Maybe then he stays closed in the car to sleep until late at night, when then I go back to my house .. and the following days he does not make himself heard.

Maybe he can’t stand aggression or direct confrontation (maybe he witnessed scenes of strong conflict between his parents and was traumatized?)

Dear doctor, I too would like an opinion on the situation I am going through. I have been living with my boyfriend for more than two years. He has always been very affectionate with me; I talk out of bed. This is why I fell in love with him, for the way he wooed me and treated me without any ulterior motive, always full of attention, but lately I feel him very distant, never a kiss, a caress or a phrase, a sweet word . I am not referring to sex but to these basic daily attentions. I spoke to him clearly expressing my complaints, begging, doing what I would like him to do to me, talking to him to find a meeting point. I always wait for his gesture and am always disappointed. Last night following this discussion he even told me that it is like that. I was on my own all the time and he approached as if for a sop, when I know that tomorrow everything will be as before.

I also say that he is very attentive if I need something and often makes kind gestures towards me like preparing dinner and much more but for me I cannot or be a substitute for the attention I seek. Now the situation for me is unbearable. He changes for a few days but tries hard but then always returns the same. I don’t know if there is a way to make him realize that he is losing me. Or to make him understand how important these things are. Or to make myself less obvious. I don’t know what to do anymore, whether to be patient or make me want. I hope for your kind reply.

Difficult to give her advice, I should know her situation better. Unfortunately, it is very common that with living together the relationship changes and that once the falling in love phase is over, the impetus and enthusiasms are lost a little.

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