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Even with plugs in your ears you could sleep. The next day I had a severe headache and an indescribable anger at having become prey to uncivilized people.

These days the field is constantly being transformed into a “track” and already late tonight we hear the first “tests” of tractors.

Since Sunday night to Monday (18/19 September) we cannot move and sleep in a hotel because the next day my children and I have to go to school (I am a teacher), please let me know who I can contact evening to prevent another nightmare tractor show for us.

First of all, I want to thank you for creating this site which has ample information spaces and can help solve (I sincerely hope) some problems related to noise pollution.

I have now been living in front of a municipal park for eight years, naturally when my family and I chose to come and live here we were aware of the presence of the park and the probable noise derived from it. In all these years there have never been major acoustic problems, however since last summer, it is impossible to live at home in the evening. The only rooms that do not overlook the park are the kitchen and the bathroom, now places of refuge for those who want to study in the evening.

During the day it is easy to adapt, all in all you are often away from home or in any case (I am speaking in my case) you learn to study when the park is deserted. The problem occurs in the evening, from about 21:30 to 23: 30/00: 00. In fact, for a couple of years, around this time, families with children / teenagers and dogs have been in the park, the problem arises from the noises, screams and barking that accompany their arrival.

We are all aware that it takes patience in these situations, but everything becomes very stressful if at 11:30 pm the children / teenagers play chasing each other screaming and inciting the dogs to bark, with parents chatting quietly not realizing the terrible din that comes from these games. The situation has become unnerving, we are forced to close all the windows and hope that I will leave soon so that we can reopen and breathe some fresh air.

I am writing to explain my problem and ask you for advice. A few months ago I went to live with my partner in a house located just outside a town and adjacent to a production activity which, due to its functions, involves a high traffic of heavy vehicles (for the type of road class “F”).

The activity in question has existed for many decades but only for a few months, after a recent expansion, has the traffic intensified even during the night hours, making it impossible to rest as my home is located close to the roadway and the trucks therefore pass to the distance of a few meters from the perimeter wall and windows.

I submitted an application to the Municipality asking that they limit the passage of trucks inside the inhabited center during the evening / night hours and I was told that I should proceed with a sound level measurement of the ARPA to check if the pollution levels go beyond limits provided.

The technicians who visited the site told me that the passage of some trucks would not affect the average value detected and therefore I could not ask for any limitations.

During the night an average of 2/3 trucks pass by but they are enough to make it difficult to sleep as we are awakened at each passage.

The Municipal noise classification regulation also provides for differential limit values ​​of 3 dB for night hours but not applicable to road infrastructures.

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