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Often the leaflet is confused with the brochure, in Italian pamphlet: in common they have the fact that both are publications, for information or advertising purposes, consisting of a few pages but the difference is that, properly speaking, the pages in the brochure are bound.

An interview is a journalistic text published in a newspaper or magazine in which a journalist asks questions to a person, usually an expert in a certain field or a famous person. The goal is to make known his experience and his point of view on a certain topic. As part of the B language course, you may be asked to write a transcript of an interview (you made) or to write a report. In the latter case, it is a question of referring with indirect speech, highlighting the important quotes from the interview.

use the ‘you’ or ‘you’ according to the level of familiarity you have with the person interviewed

adopt a journalistic style (in the interview included in an article) – objective tone and direct style

1. Your school invited a political refugee for a meeting with the students and you conducted the interview. Write the transcript of the interview that will be published in the school newspaper.

2. Your school celebrates the ‘Week of cultural traditions’. You interview a student by asking him to tell you about the customs and traditions of his culture of origin. The interview will be published in the school newspaper.

3. You interviewed a specialist dietician about the consumption of ‘junk food’. Write the text of the interview for the section of the school newspaper ‘Youth and well-being’.

4. At the ‘Technology Fair’ you met and interviewed the inventor of a domestic robot that will have a great impact on our lives. Write an article based on the interview that will be published in a specialized magazine.

5. You had the opportunity to meet and interview a famous professional athlete: write the text of the interview for the school newspaper.

Before drafting the text it is better to define the theme of the interview, find a common thread, highlight the interviewee’s words.

Avoid closed questions whose answers can only be ‘yes’ or ‘no’; if they are inevitable, raise immediately with a question like ‘Why’?

The discursive interview or the interview report is in fact an article in which the interview is told including quotations, both quoted and reported in indirect speech.

The flyer is a text (a leaflet) distributed to the public that can have a purpose:

objective of the text: defense of a right, protest against an initiative, promotion of an initiative, appeal to participation

1. The students ‘parents’ association organizes the “International Cuisine Festival”. Write the event flyer.

2. The school launches a campaign against alcohol consumption among young people. You participate and write the campaign flyer.

3. The computer science department of your school organizes a debate on the theme “School and technology” in which students are invited to participate by submitting a proposal for their intervention. Write the flyer in which you promote the event and provide the information necessary for participation.

4. Your school organizes a travel project for a ‘full immersion’ in the Italian language and culture. You have been asked to write the flyer advertising the project and encouraging student participation.

It is customary in this type of text to use metaphors, exaggerations (hyperboles), accumulation or gradation (progression in ascending order).

It is also useful for giving a hierarchy of information and starting with the most incisive and persuasive.

The layout is important for attracting the reader’s attention (italics, underlining, bold …). Similarly, it will be effective to divide the text into various sections and use subtitles or bulleted lists.

A radio show is a container for interviews, news, documentaries, speeches and podcasts. THE

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