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In short, a sub-brand, a generic drug: do you want aspirin? Oh, no, aspirin no, give me the same thing but with a different name. Et voilà Verdini y los Verdinos. Journalistic language is often lazy and stops at the first canon, and therefore Verdini y los Verdinos become “crutch” of Renzi, his government, his reforms, etc., etc., a sort of emergency response team waiting with the engine turned on, and if someone from the PD were to throw a tantrum and stamp their feet, they would come – perhaps with sirens and flashing lights – to resolve the issue: it’s nice to have friends, sorry, affiliates.

Denis Verdini uses more insightful and imaginative images: “I’m Renzi’s plumber”. In the sense that if the PD tap on the left loses a bit (grumbles and screams), he makes the safety valve on the right: Leaks? Infiltrations? Troublesome dripping? Don’t worry there is the Verdini plumber, prompt intervention accurate service, job well done. It would be interesting to know the prices, and if he does the invoice.

If the Pd-affiliated plumber spoke only of the parliamentary situation – when you don’t have numbers in the Senate, I arrive – the thing would not be so amazing: a government born with a palace maneuver will certainly not be scandalized by the arrival of a patrol that he supports it, and the feeling is that if they voted for the reforms, the Venusians, the followers of Pol Pot and the veterans of the First World War could also join. But Verdini goes further, he does not speak only of elected representatives, but of voters, with a very simple reasoning: someone will have problems voting Renzi, because he belongs to the Democratic Party, then he will vote for us, and we will bring Renzi his votes. A proxy vote, in short, something like: listen, do me a favor since the baker is on my balls, go buy me bread. Verdini is convinced in this way – by joining – to bring home thirty to forty parliamentarians, which would be enough for prompt plumbing if the tap on the left leaks, even in the presence of a monstrous majority prize such as that provided by the Italicum. The discussion then shifts: not poor Verdini y los Verdinos, but the poor unknown voter who wants to vote Renzi, but also does not want to, is uncertain, torn, does not know what to do, falters, hesitates, fears of ending up voting “the communists ”(haha) and then you know what he’s doing: vote Verdini and he’ll take care of it. It is not just a lecture on political cynicism, but an essay on mental confusion. Also because it is not clear what can hold back a right-wing voter in giving his vote to Renzi. A question of principle? A religious dogma? A food taboo? A vow to Our Lady? Be that as it may, the affiliated plumber Verdini sees over there, ready to go to the polls, many Italians who want to eat the Renzian cake, who – being right-wingers – consider it good and nutritious, but do not want to go to the store to buy it. They send Denis, helpful and helpful. Affiliate. On the affiliation ceremony, then, it would be nice to know: a good thing with aprons and compasses? Or one of those blood pact and oath ceremonies? Who knows. Meanwhile, what Woody Allen said is valid: “Not only does God not exist, but try to find a plumber on Sundays”. Uff, it’s not difficult, just “affiliate it”.

Wednesday 20 January (at 6.30 pm) I will be at the Claudiana bookstore, a well-known Waldensian den, who invited me for a “meeting with the author” (that would be me, sometimes you see misfortunes as they happen …). “Where are you tonight” has been out for quite a while now, so it’s not really a “presentation”, but in short, we’ll talk about this and the book first (“This isn’t a love song”), and maybe more.

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