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In the authorizations for name or surname changes, it will be stated that they have no effect as long as they are not registered outside of the petitioner’s birth registration.

The inscription can only be practiced if it is requested before one hundred and eighty days from the notification.

Once the change is registered, a marginal note will be placed ex officio with reference to all the registration pages in which the old ones are recorded, including the birth of the children, for which the interested party will provide the unknown data.

In the application for a letter of nature or granting of nationality by residence, it will be specially indicated:

1. Mentions of identity, place and date of birth of the applicant, if he has the capacity required for this purpose by Spanish Law, and current and previous nationality of him and his parents.

2. If he is single, married, widowed or legally separated; mentions of identity and place and date of birth of the woman and the children subject to parental authority. If he has contracted subsequent marriages, reference will be made to the previous marriages.

3. If he or his non-separated wife is prosecuted or has a criminal record, indicating the cause and the penalty. If you are male, if you have completed the military service required by the laws of your country or your situation in this regard.

4.º The residence in Spanish territory, with precision of dates and places and the exceptional circumstances that it invokes to obtain the letter.

5.º If he has been protected as a Spaniard or is a descendant of former proteges; the circumstances that reduce the required residence time; if he and his non-separated wife speak Spanish; any other adaptation to the Spanish culture and lifestyle, such as studies, charitable, religious or social activities, and others that it deems appropriate.

6.º If he intends to reside permanently in Spain, the means of life he has and the religion that he and his non-separated wife profess.

7.º The promise to renounce their nationality and to award an oath of fidelity to the Head of State and of obedience to the laws.

The petitioner will prove the facts referred to in the first five numbers of the previous article.

Those referred in the first and second numbers will be credited by certification from the Spanish Registry; failing that, by the one issued by the Consul or competent official of his country, and if this is not possible, by any other means.

The consular certification, if possible, will also refer to the circumstances of number three and the conduct, which will be accredited, in addition, by a certificate from the local government authority, by the Central Registry of Criminals and Rebels and, where appropriate, by the witnesses referred to in the following paragraph.

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