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The digital age has already made identification by electromagnetic chips or passports common through mobile terminals. But the delays in the payments of subsidies and guarantees – a political decision – have come to the fore explicitly in many latitudes of the planet.

Governments around the world – The Economist points out in a recent report – “must also embrace the digital revolution of their services, invest more in them, so that they function admirably. In Estonia – she emphasizes – the digitization process is so advanced that online voting is possible and all its citizens have an ID linked to their bank accounts and the tax system for paying taxes. Or in Taiwan, another digital pioneer, for years they have had a healthcare model with network services with identification cards with which they can also claim payments to the administration. The digital boom is in a position to manage the trillions of dollars mobilized by public organizations. Because the demand for online services has jumped from 7% to 90% in the meantime that the pandemic in the United Kingdom lasts for now.

In-depth analysis of the main companies on the Spanish stock market. We started with PharmaMar, Siemens-Gamesa, Inditex, Santander, BBVA, Repsol, Sabadell and Telef√≥nica. Every week we will incorporate new companies.Don’t miss it!

Many of the multinationals have also done their digital homework. Firms like Tesla or Volkswagen and their new ID.3 are massively manufacturing electric vehicles. With the challenge of sustainability on the table, the electric motor car not only aims to replace fossil-combustion cars in the automobile fleet in much of the latitudes of the planet, but also incorporates a wide range of widgets and application with state-of-the-art software in innovation to make these utility vehicles -and their industrial versions- means of locomotion with digital connectivity through smartphones, intelligent parking systems and, above all, with autonomous driving capacity. That is, with automatic pilot modes. In parallel, the large banks have made personalized apps available to their clients where they can access, in real time, any movement of their accounts and investments. Engineering has put itself at the service of digital evolution. In practically all industries. And they are constantly reviewing their data codes, so that they are not obsolete, for which they intensify security standards through the continued use of automation and AI processes and generate competitiveness ratios for their companies.

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