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Very few in my city.

Instead with the much acclaimed Tinder from you, as soon as I registered I received several matches (with some I wrote to myself and with a couple I saw myself), but after a week … the desert of the Tartars … before each heart I clicked was 70 out of 100 match… after 0 out of 100… it seems like a joke firstmet dating app. In the sense that they entice you and then if you want to continue having matches you have to shell out money …

Hi Luca, thanks for your feedback. I’ve heard of Once, but I’ve never tried it … in my city, I think it would be practically useless.

Anyway congratulations, if you really got the likes of 7 out of 10 girls, you are one of the most beautiful guys to have appeared on Tinder.

At the beginning (just registered) it is normal to have a small popularity boost, but then it is not that without shelling out money the app will stop you having matches.

A slight drop is normal, but from 70% to 0% it makes me think more of your mistake in processing this statistic.

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